“It is a gift that after more than 40 years of working in clay I have found a new way to challenge myself and develop new skills. In the best cases, I guess that is why we all do this work, to keep evolving and challenging ourselves to go further than we thought we could.”

—Lynne Meade


Contemporary Style

Inspired by midcentury modern design, the Lynne Meade Pierced Collection consists of bowls, candleholders, furniture, lanterns, lighting, vases and vessels. The pieces are wheel thrown and hand pierced stoneware with a satin glaze. Small holes are created when the clay is still wet and then each hole is painstakingly enlarged and smoothed when the clay is bone dry. The interplay of light and shadow, color and form complements any urban, contemporary or transitional space.


beauty of volume


elegance of Openness


Playfulness of Shadows


Joy of surface


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